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2009-05-27 07:20 pm
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Gummi wrongness

It's been a good day :-)

I've got lots of project work done, caught up on a bunch of boards and even did some reading.

I now present extreme surrealness courtesy of Boing Boing

Gummi Bear Surgery

A chandelier made from gummi-bears

The Seven Gummi Sins

And on a more fannish note I've found a load of Brett!Holmes vids on Youtube. I'm still trawling through them but I loved this one...

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2009-05-15 11:02 pm

Torchwood/Holmes crossover: Tools of the Trade (PG rating) (Harkness, Holmes & Watson)

Title: Tools of the Trade
Author: [personal profile] padawanpooh
Characters: Jack Harkness, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson
Rating: PG
Length:900 words
Summary: In the mid 1890's Jack Harkness asks Sherlock Holmes to do him a favour.
Disclaimer: Harkness = BBC property. Holmes & Watson = Conan Doyle property. This story = my imagination.

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2009-05-15 11:01 pm
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Brett!Holmes picspam

I had a good ole trawl of the intertoobs the other day whilst researching my Holmes/Harkness ficlet and found loads of images of Jeremy Brett as Holmes that I'd never seen before. Thought I'd share...

There are a LOT of images... )