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2009-05-22 08:39 pm
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Qui Gon Jinn Tenth (!) Anniversary picspam

I found out today that The Phantom Menace is TEN YEARS OLD NOW!!

Some of you probably know that I adore Qui Gon Jinn: he was the best thing by a galactic mile about that film. He was my idea of what a Jedi *should* be and he was damn sexy too :-)

Anyway, in celebration, here's a picspam. It includes:

* A few icons I made a while ago
* A few wallpapers I made a while ago
* Pretty much every picture I have of His Sexy Jediness on my hard drive.

It will be a hard life... )
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2009-05-15 11:01 pm
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Brett!Holmes picspam

I had a good ole trawl of the intertoobs the other day whilst researching my Holmes/Harkness ficlet and found loads of images of Jeremy Brett as Holmes that I'd never seen before. Thought I'd share...

There are a LOT of images... )