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2009-07-07 11:00 pm
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CoE: Day Two review

What a fabulous pile of rubbish! (9/10) again. Wonderfully pompously silly stuff!

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2009-07-06 10:15 pm
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CoE: Day One review

Oooh...that was GOOD. 9/10 for set ups, one point deducted for some idiot (probably RTD) writing that Cardiff is TWO HOURS driving from East Grinstead. WTF? Try doubling that. At least!!! (Someone give RTD an atlas please?)

As we know, Rusty can't write an ending so I'm going to enjoy the early eps of CoE while I can

(spoilers behind the cut and undoubtedly in the comments)

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2009-05-15 11:02 pm

Torchwood/Holmes crossover: Tools of the Trade (PG rating) (Harkness, Holmes & Watson)

Title: Tools of the Trade
Author: [personal profile] padawanpooh
Characters: Jack Harkness, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson
Rating: PG
Length:900 words
Summary: In the mid 1890's Jack Harkness asks Sherlock Holmes to do him a favour.
Disclaimer: Harkness = BBC property. Holmes & Watson = Conan Doyle property. This story = my imagination.

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