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101 in 1001: May update

Here's my 101:1001 May update.

Goals met are struck through and goals-in-progress have comments. 4 completed this month.


1. Learn to juggle (Can now do 8 catches!)
2. Learn to ride a bicycle
3. Learn a poem by heart
4. Learn twenty Japanese words and five basic Japanese phrases APR 09
5. Learn to play a musical instrument
6. Take Our Dynamic Planet OU Course (Second assignment done)
7. Go to an OU tutorial (got one in 3 weeks so this should be completed next month)
8. Take 1st OU Level 3 course
9. Take 2nd OU Level 3 course
10. Take 3rd OU Level 3 course
11. Take 4th OU Level 3 course and complete BSc (Hons)
12. Learn how to bake a pie
13. Complete Introductory Spanish course on BBC Website JAN 09


14. Read a classical civilization epic (The Odyssey, The Iliad – something like that)
15. Read a book about philosophy
16. Read a book about the history of art
17. Read a book about the history of science
18. Read a book recommended to me FEB 09


19. Visit Hawaii
20. Visit somewhere south of the Equator
21. Take a city break somewhere I’ve never been before FEB 09
22. Visit the Lake District
23. Visit New York (I'm now planning this for 2010)
24. Visit the Pyramids
25. Visit one of the countries on the Mediterranean
26. Visit Norway
27. Visit New Zealand


28. Finish painting kits APR 09
29. Finish the final draft of my novel (Completed the second of four edits so this is going well)


30. Get my novel published (self published is okay)
31. Write another novel
32. Write a song
33. Write a poem
34. Sign up for (and complete) another ficathon
35. Complete another NaNoWriMo
36. Write a letter/email to a newspaper


37. Sponsor a child
38. Look after a cat


39. Make a will
40. Start a creative projects folder
41. Make a sculpture
42. Make a diorama


43. Weight goal 1 - 11st 7lb FEB 09
44. Weight goal 2 – 11st APR 09
45. Weight goal 3 – maintain a healthy weight
46. Keep exercising regularly (yep - am doing)
47. Reduce fizzy drink (soda) consumption
48. Do three pull ups
49. Be able to touch my toes MAR 09
50. Be kind to myself more APR 09
51. Give myself days off regularly MAR 09
52. Give myself permission to feel lousy MAY 09 - (I'm learning to go with the flow)
53. Say ‘yes’ once when I’d normally say ‘no’.
54. Say ‘no’ once when I’d normally say ‘yes’. MAY 09 - (Did this today with an overdemanding student - go me!)
55. Do a fun run
56. Have rice for breakfast


57. Change my mind MAR 09
58. Change my plans. APR 09
59. Grow out hair dye MAR 09


60. Make a Youtube video
61. Take 50 beautiful photographs around a theme and post them online. - JAN 09 Done! See
62. Go to a film/concert with hubby that I wouldn’t go to otherwise
63. Get the giggles
64. Watch a whole season of a classic programme JAN 09
65. Go to a museum I’ve never been to before FEB 09
66. Go to an art gallery I’ve never been to before
67. Take hubby out for a day
68. Wear a bikini
69. Watch a film my hubby recommends.
70. Go to an art event I would never normally consider
71. Play pachinko
72. Go to an event in costume APR 09
73. Attend another Science Fiction convention (A solid plan for this one now!)
74. Take a hot air balloon ride
75. Climb a large hill/small mountain
76. Go whale watching
77. See Jupiter through a telescope
78. See the Northern Lights
79. Try archery
80. Sing in public
81. Take a walk on a beach
82. Meet up with H again (Planned for 2010 at the latest!)
83. Meet another LJer in RL


84. Have a conversation with someone about a subject I know nothing about
85. Meet up with someone I’ve lost touch with
86. Write a thank you letter JAN 09
87. Save £1001
88. Get a haircut
89. Re-paint all the woodwork in my house (just waiting for warmer/drier weather to complete this)
90. Scrape the moss off the concrete in the garden Done! MAR 09
91. Move house
92. Quit my job
93. Do something spontaneous
94. Do something scary MAY 09 - I'm committed to my SSP now and THAT's scary (but exciting)
95. Do something exciting
96. Do something stupid
97. Do something brave
98. Do something peaceful FEB 09
99. Do something charitable
100. Do something kind
101. Do something unusual