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CoE: Day One review

Oooh...that was GOOD. 9/10 for set ups, one point deducted for some idiot (probably RTD) writing that Cardiff is TWO HOURS driving from East Grinstead. WTF? Try doubling that. At least!!! (Someone give RTD an atlas please?)

As we know, Rusty can't write an ending so I'm going to enjoy the early eps of CoE while I can

(spoilers behind the cut and undoubtedly in the comments)

Jack/Ianto 'coupledom' - LOLS that was fun, but the ending: who was waiting for the carbonite to freeze Jack as Ianto went up on the skylift. "I love you!" "I know." *eyeroll*

Gwen was great. She's got a nice line in black leather now. But sproggy on the way? Can't wait to see Jack & Ianto's idea of babysitting.

Creepy kids are creepy!

Weird Ministry bloke is weird!

Plucky new girl at Ministry is plucky! It's such a shame she's obviously supposed to be Martha II but she's got potential.

The doctor! Bummocks! I liked him. Shows what I know.

So...we know New!UNIT are a bunch of bastards but do we now have Super!Bastard!UNIT!Blackops? (henceforth known as S!B!U!B!) I think we do!

Ianto's sister was funny. And the car being stolen. Oops!

Timothy/whatever his name is - I like him. His mannerisms are excellent - the twitch: is there someone really with him? And the super!sniffing power - intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.

So is Jack going to be like the T-1000? Can all the little blown up bits of Jack roll back together again?

Will Ianto put his hair into a Princess Leia headphone 'do?

And will Gwen get to fire a BFG soon?

Can't wait to see tomorrow's ep!

Mind you, we also get to see Rhys nekkid! Oh dear.