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CoE: Day Two review

What a fabulous pile of rubbish! (9/10) again. Wonderfully pompously silly stuff!

Poor ole Jack - he's having a rough old day. I said to colleagues at work this morning that I reckoned the bomb blast would give Barrowman an excuse to get his kit off. Looks like I was right. Twice!

I'd love to know how he didn't get concrete up his nose. Probably best not to ask since RTD is writing.

East Grinstead blokey's having a tough old time. Mind you, I'm amazed so many people were taken aback by his behaviour: East Grinstead is weirdness central. It's the UK Scientology HQ - 'nuff said.

Probably not S!B!U!B! are total panto villains, aren't they?!?!

Yays for forklift!driver!Ianto! He looked very fetching in his yellow jacket. I see Torchwood have patented a stubble supressor which he and Rhys have both partaken of. Must have come from the same place as Gwen's auto-makeup-hairdo-fixer gizmo.

The 456 are very intriguing. Those last shots of the tank were *very cool*. Reminded me a lot of the Dalek sphere at Torchwood One. Hubby thinks the Daleks may be involved somewhere in this but I'm not so sure.

Lois Habibe (sp?) is rather fabulous - she's going to be a GOOD addition to the team. Poor thing is definitely Martha's physical type crossed with Tish's super!admin skills. Hopefully she won't end up written into corner like Tosh was.

So...the gang's back together, 'they' are coming tomorrow....*rubs hads excitedly*